Monday, February 11, 2008

Soon I Shall Have My Avocado Margarita

I will be speaking at SXSW Interactive on Monday, March 10th. My presentation is titled Client-Side Code and Internationalization. It is going to be exactly that - one hour of XHTML, CSS, UTF-8, RTL, and tips for prepping and testing your designs even if you don't speak the language. I was frustrated last year when doing some localization work and I thought I'd share what I'd learned about the subject.

SXSW takes place in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I miss Austin and I'm thankful to SXSW and everyone who voted for my talk for giving me the opportunity to visit and drink one of these.

The next week, I'll also be presenting at the WritersUA Conference in Portland, Oregon. It is a conference aimed at user assistance professionals, who spend a great deal of time thinking about users and helping them solve problems. It's a great place to give my other talk, Guiding Principles of Googley Design. I've never been to Portland before, but I hear it is a fantastic town and I'm looking forward to it.

Update: My SXSW 2008 slides [2MB PDF] are now available.