Monday, June 5, 2006

Levels of Knowledge

There is an interesting little meme running about various web design blogs about quantifying/qualifying levels of web design related knowledge. You can click into each one to see what your level might be, but here are mine:

Levels of JavaScript Knowledge: I'm almost to Level 5. Level 5 uses a little DOM scripting to grab an element on the page and adds a function to the click event for the object. I've written similar javascript, but most of the time I'd rather use a pre-packaged library.

Levels of HTML Knowledge: Level 5, again.

These people tend to think about structure and semantics first and presentation later. Strict doctypes are generally used at this level to encourage the separation of semantic and presentational markup.

Levels of CSS Knowledge: Yep, Level 5.

This is where you both can use CSS and know why it’s better.

Of course, knowledge is one thing and practical experience/implementation another. Reality often clashes with knowledge, but that's where we get our fun.